Hyper-Kinetix, Inc., specializes in these challenging jobs:

Large Complex Documents: Having trouble when edits obsolete your table of contents? When references donít tie to renamed appendixes? When your indexes that donít update automatically? When footnotes that flip to the next page? We can fix that and much more, while keeping you compatible with Microsoft Word, WordPerfect and other software.

OCR (Scanning): Have a paper document that you need to in recreate in electronic form? No matter the size (8-1/2x11, 11x17, and A4 [European size]); we can do it. We are fully equipped with Omni Page Pro 10 scanning and OCR technologies to provide a cost-effective solution for you.

Document Conversion: Do you need to update obsolete documents from an old word processing program to a different format? We can do it!

Hyper-Kinetix, Inc., also performs many publishing tasks from brochures, pamphlets, and business and appointment cards as well as specializing in large documents of all kinds.

CD Label Redesign

CD Label Redesign

Business Cards


Click on the following example and see what a difference fixing a few common mistakes in an outline document can make. Once these errors are corrected, other edits will fall into place automatically. Hyper-Kinetix, Inc. can make your document look like the pro you really are!

Outline with Errors

Corrected Outline

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